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Moving Walk

Moving walks  turns long stretches become shorter. Help passengers take a break or speed their pace. Our moving walks use conveyor technology to keep people safe as they move to their destination. Thanks to the slim dimension which fits anywhere, requires very little construction work and technical features guranttes efficiency. It can be easily relocated to different parts of building depending on traffic needs. Moving walk requires less than 400m pit or can be installed on top of an existing floor. All that's needed for installation are two ramps at each end. The length of moving walk can be shortened or enlarged.

Intelligent control of seismic type truss device
● With the earthquake, anti natural disaster function.
● With cascade speed monitoring, intelligent operation, fast operation, safe and reliable.
● Provide automatic sidewalk lubrication safety, and improve safety monitoring autowalk.
● And a device - safety braking method to guarantee the safety of automatic sidewalk.
●The mute device design with buffer bearing wheel and multiple chain drive, low noise effect to environmental protection.
● The machine adopts the infrared monitoring device to increase monitoring in energy saving startup, increase safety performance, reduce the risk.
Power Efficiency
Sensors to detect passenger. After a certain time of run without any passenger, it shifts to idle run to save power. As soon as a passenger move in, it starts to move in swiftly.

Moving Walk Design