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Passenger Elevator

Asian Lift Bangladesh provided more than hundred of Passeneger elevator. Our passenger elevators provide service to vast passengers with safe up-down travel. We have gained deep trust from extensive clients by superior clients and perfect service. Our determination to supply best and original quality and perfect service helped us to reach this position.
Intellectual Passenger Elevator Control System
Integrated controllers of our elevators is independently developed, organically combining elevator control and motor drive to Create a new generation of intelligent, vector integrated controllers for elevators. This type of control system mainly includes a integrated controller for elevators, a carriage control board, a display control board, a carriage command board.
Unique Graphic Generator
It ensures more smooth elevator acceleration, decelartion, brake with more comfortable travel. Meanwhile it reduces inter-floor running time to lowest extent. It also enhances travel efficiency greatly.
Safety First
Priority in your safety makes your journey through you building with our lift more comfortable. We try to provide up-to-date safety with our passenger elevator to ensure safety first.
Water-proof Infrared Light Curtain
Infrared light curtain is a safety protection net in the entrance of cabin. It sensitivelyreacts to any perspn or object that enters into probbing plane. It reduces the troouble that door clamps passeneger. It brings about more durable infrared light curtain after water-proof treatment with more considerate protection.

Asian Lift Bangladesh advice you to consult with a elevator company at the start of construction work to have a best and effiecient space for your elevator. We also provide instruction and consultancy regarding that. You can contact us any time or visit us.

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