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Escalator widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports and other places of traffic, for your building to add a beautiful flow of scenery. Modern escalator comes with various safety features to avoid any kind of accident.

Highly sensitive modular structure
● With cascade speed monitoring, intelligent operation, fast operation ensures safe and reliable travel.
● The pressure sensor detects a feedback signal input control cabinet, control power and sprocket to guarantee the escalator safety.
● The new rotary automatic lubricating device, which comprises a worm wheel type fueller, provide lubrication and escalator safety.
● Non-escalator operation special inverse monitoring device, improve the safety monitoring of escalator.

Asian Lift Bangladesh advice you to consult with a elevator company at the start of construction work to have a best and effiecient space for your elevator. We also provide instruction and consultancy regarding that. You can contact us any time or visit us.

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