Car lift or Elevator for car is specially used to vertically carry the car. Mostly this kind of elevator is found on high class hotels and commercial buildings to enable parking access on different floors without compromising a lot of space by making lane. It can replace for lane in the garage. It can directly have access of the car in different parking decks. It can fulfill man-loaded type (joint loading of man and car) with the more convenient access of the car. Certain characteristics such as low running noise, safe, comfortable, smooth also gives premium user experience. Based on capacity, there are two types of car lift. One can take load up to 3000kgs whereas the bigger one able to take up to 5000kgs.

Asian Lift Bangladesh advice you to consult with a elevator company at the start of construction work to have a best and effiecient space for your elevator. We also provide instruction and consultancy regarding that. You can contact us any time or visit us.

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